Awards and Recognition

Yan Chai Hospital established the “Moral and Civic Education Award Fund” to assist schools in promoting moral and civic education. It also co-organised the “Moral and Civic Education Award Scheme” with the Education Bureau. Every year, the fund subsidises plans from award-winning schools to promote morality education and civic responsibility training in all kindergarten and primary schools in Hong Kong.

Our school has always focused on moral and civic education. We organise relevant educational programs every year. Since 2007, we have been joining the “Moral and Civic Education Award Scheme” and our plans have won us many awards. Some of the award-winning plans include “Happy Cleaning our Kindergarten”, “Four Great Inventions”, “Starting my Caring and Healthy Life”, etc.

“Positive Mind Against The Virus” is our 2020/2021 plan for the 23rd Moral and Civic Education Award Scheme. It is an award-winning plan.

The plan started at “My pledge to stay positive”. Children read the news and resources on the Internet. They can then share items they have learnt with their classmates through a radio station. This was to help children cultivate a positive attitude and foster the connection between home, school and community. The children then take the commitment back to their home and invite their family members to join.

The second part of the plan was “Grateful To Have You”. Children’s attention was drawn to the hard work their parents did during the epidemic. The children then made “Grateful puppets” and give them to their parents in order to express their gratitude.

Next, there was “Stay grateful and optimistic” sharing activity. Through discussion, parents encourage children to express the gratitude to the people who helped them in positive things happened during the epidemic. Subsequently, they wrote the reflection on worksheets or took a short video with their children. It shown the same idea as“Short Video on Schools’ Experience in promoting Reflections on the COVID-19 Outbreak” which was organised by the Education Bureau. Our school recommended four of the families to join the above competition. The participant from K3 gave an impressive reflection and showed a grateful attitude, so that they represented our school in the awards presentation ceremony.   

Before Christmas, children create the “Optimistic Christmas tree” to show the optimistic behavior, after that a Christmas Carol singing group called “The Optimistic and Caring Kids” was formed. Children went out to the community for charity visits and performances. They brought much positive energy to the community by giving out the smiley-face badges made by themselves. Also, some families made the “Positive Experiences” photo frame, they would pass it to different families in order to spread out the optimistic attitude.

Lastly, there was “Grateful Reading Scheme”. Parents read books and finished worksheets with children. It was a good way for children to consolidate what they have learnt about “grateful” and “positive relationship” with the help and guidance from parents.

“My Pledge to Act “Launch Ceremony

Thanksgiving activity

Story-sharing sessions

Optimism Tips Card designed

Blessed little angels Christmas caroling

The US Navy visiting our school

On October 4, 2017, we were very honoured to receive the invitation from the Consulate General of the United States, Hong Kong, to have members from the US Navy visiting us when they were in HK. On the day of the visit, the K3 “Happy Bee Team” led the welcoming of guests. It was near the Mid-Autumn Festival and so we played games related to the festival with the visitors. The K2 and K3 students had fun playing the games and promoting Chinese culture to the guests.

People’s Liberation Army Hong Kong Garrison visiting our school

On October 18, 2007, we were very honoured to be visited by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. They even brought us educational kits and materials as gifts. Members of the Hong Kong Garrison played games with our children. The children witnessed the solemn demeanour of the officers but at the same time, they could feel the officers’ kindness. We were invited to visit the military camp to extend the joy of the school visit.