We adopt a child-centred curriculum, offering children opportunities to be self-motivated and increase their learning motivation.

We follow the Kindergarten Education Curriculum Guide (2017) to plan the curriculum. We will also take the suggestion not to force children to do repetitive practices or exercises for writing or calculation.

Aims of curriculum

Our School adopts a child-centered philosophy and follows the Kindergarten Education Curriculum Guild (2017) to design appropriate courses for children based on their abilities, needs and interests. We selects and tailors teaching materials to integrate the six learning areas such as language, physical fitness and health, self and society, early childhood arithmetics, nature and living , art and creativity in order to form a comprehensive curriculum to foster balanced development of children.

Features of curriculum

Based on child-centered teaching approach, our curriculum emphasizes theme-based learning to offer enriched opportunities for young children to think, explore, discuss and gain confidence through joyful project experiences. 

We provide in-school professionals such as physical instructor and to promote children’s physical and mental health through recreational games, sport activities, rhythmic dance, etc. and native language teachers to create Mandarin and English speaking environments through story, nursery rhyme, role play to motivate young children to communicate in a second languages on a regular-basis.