Parents are the first teachers to children. Parents are also important partners in the children’s learning journeys.

Having the family-oriented belief, the school provides high-quality family support services, promoting parent education and parent-child communication. We hope to partner with parents to cultivate children’s interest in learning.

Since 1997, our school has established a “Parent-Child Corner”, from which parents can get updates from school and develop networks with the school and other parents. At the same time, the school formed a partnership with a family centre in the district, introducing social worker services in the school. Parental education activities are often organised with various parties.

Parents’ participation is very important to the effectiveness of students’ learning. The school recruiting parent volunteers for different events is to establish a channel to promote communication, understanding and cooperation. Parents have more opportunities to exchange their ideas on how to teach their children. They can also provide constructive suggestions to the school so that we can keep improving and let the children grow up happily. We hope that every family can actively cooperate with us. Together, we can set a very good example of a parent-school partnership.