The school would be offering a wide range of activities to support the transition of K3 students to primary school in order to develop their independence, self-care abilities, time management skills, primary school lives, and so on. Starting from the beginning of July each year, the teachers would help enhance the self-care abilities of the prospective P1 students through activities, games and corner layouts, such as familiarizing with the P1 items, learning how to meet new friends, and so on. The students would also learn to obey the rules and regulations to boost their knowledge of primary school life and facilities, as well as learn to solve problems and take care of themselves. The social workers in the school would organize interactive games to boost their familiarity with the primary school life. In addition, we would also co-organize with the local primary school to support the transition to primary school. The prospective P1 students would personally experience a primary school tour with simulated classroom activities aimed at giving an initial understanding of a primary school.


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