Learning languages should be fun for children. We teach children the English language through games, singing, artistic creation, stories, etc. It will be beneficial to the children in their learning journey if they find learning English is fun.


Games are fun. They can also train up children’s thinking and listening skills. Games like “Musical Chairs”, “Pass the Ball”, “Bingo”, “Find the Differences”, “Matching Pairs” are all great games for children in kindergarten.


Children love singing. They master vocabularies and pronunciations through songs. Singing together with classmates help them with their social skills as well. Children especially love songs that imitate animal sounds. They also love songs they can dance with. “Old MacDonald Had a Farm”, “Wheels on the Bus” and “Five Little Ducks Went Out One Day” are some examples.

Artistic Creation

Artistic creation requires children’s coordination of their hands, eyes and brains. They listen to instructions and create their artwork. It is the chance for them to touch and feel different materials, have their creativity inspired, and have their aesthetic sense cultivated.


Stories enrich children’s imagination. Stimulation from listening materials, illustrations, teachers’ facial expressions, tone and gestures when telling the stories, can help improve children’s language skills. They will also think English is an approachable language and will not be afraid to face English.

Special Activities

Every year in spring, we bring children to different nature trails. Children can see many plants and insects in the trails and they can distinguish their shapes and colours. They can apply the vocabularies they have learnt. For example, they can tell there is a “yellow butterfly” or a “round leaf”.

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