In 2006, our school has formed the “NT 91th Happy Bee Group.” We not only hope to teach children basic knowledge through different themed activities and games, but also strive to cultivate their sociability and mind, build up correct values, unleash their creativity and broaden their interest, letting them have a sense of mission and responsibility towards society, family and friends.

The Happy Bee programme is designed for young children attending K2 to K3 classes in kindergartens

The programme is divided into eight units, aiming at:

1.Providing Happy Bees with simple common sense and health tips, so as to develop their social awareness, good living habits, and self-care ability.

2. Developing Happy Bees’ physical coordination and sociability.

3. Enhancing Happy Bees’ active participation in activities, in order to nurture good character traits, such as being outgoing, cheerful, courageous, positive, obedient, etc.

Eight Themes:

Happy, Healthy, Obeduent, Neat and Polite, Kind, Competent, Environmental Friendly, World Citizen.